Donna Paolino

Donna Paolino currently serves as a Partner/Owner for Paolino Properties.


Born and raised in Providence, Donna has spent her entire life in and around the real estate business. As a child, she would accompany her father, Joseph R. Paolino, Sr., to job sites, meetings with clients, and to the office. “As a young girl, I would watch and listen to everything my dad did as a businessman,” says Donna. “I had the best mentor I could possibly have. Dad always said you learn more by listening than by talking.”

Donna earned a Bachelor of Arts from Newton College of the Sacred Heart (later Boston College) in 1974 and continued on to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching from Rhode Island College in 1979. She taught for three years, before marrying and taking time off to raise her two daughters, Mari and Kara. During this time she remained active in the community, supporting many causes and raising funds for Lincoln School in Providence, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, and Roger Williams Medical Center.

Donna is also a past President and board member of RISE (Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education). In 2004 she received the Outstanding Partnership in Philanthropy award from RISE for her significant fundraising work on behalf of the organization.

A lifelong proponent of women’s education, for over twelve years Donna served on the board of Lincoln School. Donna attended Lincoln School herself and received an Alumni Citation in 2004. In 2015 “Festa Toscana” Spring Benefit named Donna the honoree because of her exemplary service to the Lincoln School.

For more information on the Lincoln School and Donna’s continued efforts to effect positive change in women’s education please see the link below.