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5th Annual Rotating Mural Brings Art to Life on Weybosset Facade

Paolino Properties is proud to announce its continuing partnership with The Avenue Concept, unveiling the fifth consecutive year of rotating murals that adorn the facade of the former Providence National Bank Building on Weybosset Street.

“It is always exciting to see the stunning results of the rotating mural residency,” said Joseph R. Paolino Jr., managing partner of Paolino Properties. “The Avenue Concept does fantastic work bringing beautiful, meaningful art into the public arena. I’m grateful to be able to provide the Providence National Bank facade as a one-of-a-kind canvas to put the incredible talents of local artists on display each year.”

The Avenue Concept is a nonprofit that was founded in 2012 as the city’s first privately administered arts program. Its mission is to support public art in all forms through investing in and promoting local artists and their creations. Paolino Properties, as one of the state’s leading commercial real estate companies, understands that part of what makes a city desirable to residential and commercial tenants alike is fostering an inclusive, artistic atmosphere. Public art projects display all the incredible talent possessed by the many creative artists in Providence and contribute to the rich cultural tapestry felt throughout the historic city.

Paolino Properties teamed up with the Avenue Concept in 2015 – granting them access to the Providence National Bank facade for two artists to present their creative skills in a large and proud way. The murals will remain on display for a full year.

Check out how this picture-perfect example of 1930s city architecture has once again provided the perfect canvas for artistic expression in 2020.

Sagie Vangelina – ‘Young, Black & Gifted’

Via the Avenue Concept:

Sagie Vangelina is a painter, muralist and mixed media artist. Her unique style of detailed linework can be seen in a different light throughout each piece. She incorporates high contrast in her work to represent the good and bad in life and the importance of balance throughout one’s own life journey. Sagie transforms her personal experiences, both positive and negative into art in order to find balance. For her creating has always been a natural form of therapy where she can escape reality and fully express herself. She embraces obstacles in her life by enhancing them creatively. Sagie showcase themes of self reflection, identity, love and balance in her work. Sagie approaches each piece differently, drawing inspiration from recycled materials, emotions, and iconic figures that have made an impact on her life.

In “Young, Black & Gifted,” Sagie pays homage to one of her greatest influences and icons, Nina Simone. Her art, activism and music has had a resounding resonance on Sagie, especially during the the last few months. (Move the arrow slider to the right to see the progress from start to finish.)

Amy Bartlett Wright – ‘We Are One Flock’

Via the Avenue Concept:

Amy Bartlett Wright is a Rhode Island-based muralist and science illustrator, known for her realistic wildlife and nature scenes. Her project for the front of the facade incorporates elements from both The Avenue Concept’s 2D and 3D Art programs. “We Are One Flock” depicts migratory birds in flight, both in the form of a painted mural and painted wood sculptures affixed to the structure. Bartlett is perhaps best known locally for her “Three Waves” mural on the Coastway Community Bank building in downtown Providence and her “Crane Flight” mural at the intersection of Park Avenue and Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.

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