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Paolino Properties to Install UV Air Purification System at 100 Westminster and the Beatrice Hotel

Image courtesy of the Sanuvox YouTube page, which shows how the UVC system inside the air ducts deactivate organic contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.

Providence, RI – As part of its ongoing efforts to safeguard tenants, visitors and hotel guests against current and future health risks associated with viral, bacterial and other contaminants, Paolino Properties has invested in a state-of-the-art, ultraviolet air purification system for use in its flagship building at 100 Westminster Street, as well as the adjoining boutique hotel The Beatrice, which is set to open this summer.

The BioWall Air Purification Unit is a patented product manufactured by Sanuvox – a Montreal-based global leader in the production of germicidal ultraviolet air purification systems. The system has been certified effective by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is currently implemented within some of the most secure buildings in the country.

According to Sanuvox records, 100 Westminster Street will be the first building in Rhode Island to utilize BioWall, which works through the installation of multiple high-powered ultraviolet lamp arrays into a building’s HVAC system. Each time air cycles through the duct that contains the germicidal UV BioWall, more contaminants are eliminated until the air is biologically 100-percent purified.

“BioWall prevents the HVAC system within a building from becoming a transmission path for contaminants to travel from room to room and floor to floor. It’s like immunizing the building against airborne microorganisms,” said Ralph Fletcher, VP of Northeast Sales for Sanuvox. “Although the knowledge of utilizing ultraviolet light for sanitation purposes has been around for over 100 years, we are the only company currently harnessing it to successfully purify moving air.”

Paolino Properties managing partner Joseph R. Paolino Jr. has been proactive in exploring different ways to protect public health inside buildings with high foot traffic since the beginning of this pandemic, and said that BioWall is another valuable tool towards accomplishing that goal.

“My team and I have been participating in local and national webinars and meetings to learn more about new systems that are available on the market,” Paolino said. “I’m excited about BioWall because it will keep the air in our building clean and our community safer, which is of the utmost importance to me – especially during a time in which we’re all highly aware of possible health risks.”

Examples of buildings that utilize Sanuvox air purification systems include:

• The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington D.C.
• The U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington, D.C.
• The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.
• The U.S. Army Defense Acquisition University in Fort Belvoir, Va.
• The FBI buildings located in Knoxville, Tenn. and Indianapolis, In.
• The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Center in Harrisburg, Pa.
• The U.S. Coast Guard facility in New London, Conn.

An animated demonstration of how the ultraviolet purification system works can be viewed here.

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