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Paolino Properties Welcomes Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts to Their New Location

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts Re-Opens at 150 Washington Street


When we heard on New Years that without a new location the Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts would have to shut its doors, leaving 50 people without work and forcing 200 students to switch schools in the middle of the year, we knew we had to help TAPA find not just a new building to house its classrooms, but a new creative space that would allow their students to miss as little class time as possible. Today, students are settling in for their orientation at their new home at 150 Washington Street, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear from students and teachers that not only do they love their new space, but all of their performances are able to go on as scheduled. Welcome home, TAPA and break a leg! A full press release is available on the school’s website.


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