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The Marina at Brown & Howard Wharf, Newport Rhode Island

Centrally located in the heart of historic Newport, Rhode Island. Nearby is an impressive array of trendy restaurants, sightseeing attractions, galleries, museums, boutique shopping as well as a bustling night life. The marina can accommodate yachts up to 250 feet in length with beams up to 40 feet and drafts up to 14 feet.

Barrington Shopping Center

120,000 square feet
Shaws 60,000
Joseph A. Banks
3500 square feet available

Cranston Parkade

265,500 sq ft. in Cranston, RI

Now referred to as Cranston’s “Primary Gateway”, this economic development project launched in 1999 stands as an impressive symbol of the positive economic growth experienced by the City of Cranston and the State of Rhode Island.

Vanderbilt Residences

At Brown & Howard in Newport, RI

A New Standard For Luxury Condominiums on the Newport, Rhode Island Waterfront. The 16 extraordinary harbor-front homes that make up this exclusive condo complex, create an entirely new standard for waterfront real estate in Rhode Island.

Rooted in Providence, growing statewide and beyond

Paolino Properties is a leading real estate investment, management, and development firm headquartered in Providence, RI.

The company was founded over 100 years ago and remains family-owned and operated.

The team at Paolino Properties believes in the importance of honest communication with each and every customer - striving to make each new customer a lasting customer. With Paolino Properties you can count on receiving quality service from expert professionals.

Services & Offerings

Whether you are looking to buy, lease, or rent Paolino Properties will help you find a property that fits your needs, within your budget.

Paolino Properties is always looking to expand and improve portfolio offerings by partnering with local developers.

Joining Paolino Properties as a tenant means access to our professional property management team, whose attention to detail will exceed your expectations. In fact, if you are a property owner in need of a management team — Paolino Properties will gladly provide the resources you need to manage your investment.

Commercial Properties

Paolino Properties offers everything from Class A high-rise office space, to high traffic retail space, marina dockage, and urban parking.

Residential Properties

Waterfront retreats and conveniently located, well-kept apartment complexes are all within the Paolino Properties portfolio.


Paolino Properties successfully partners with local developers to expand the company’s institutional, retail and residential investments.

Property Management

The Paolino Properties team offers professional, expert property management services at company-owned commercial and residential sites. In addition, Paolino Properties will contract to manage your real estate investment on your behalf.